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Cheese Platter : variety of cheeses with jams, breads, nuts and fruits

Cured Meats Platter : selected cured meats with pickles, sea salted butter, breads

Seasonal Tarts : savoury or sweet tarts, always fresh and seasonal, with options such as vegetarian, gluten free...

Service Options


Themes : you can ask us for more than just food ! We happily will follow a theme [event ; branding ; season ; occasion] and decorate accordingly.

Food & Drinks : not only we have great food, we also have fabulous drinks. Ask for our complimentary drinks menu, which includes more than 40 French wines, handmade syrups, artisanal soft drinks...

Set Up / Clean Up : we always will set our catering up. But why not let us go all the way and do your clean up ! Not only you get a great experience, but you'll find your space to be as immaculate as it was when we arrived.

Event Size : we do not believe size matters, only quality does ! Therefore, no matter how big or how small your event is, we'll be happy to do it just as well.

Transportation : you think your event's location is unreachable ? Think again ! Do not hesitate to contact us, who knows how far we'll go to satisfy you.

Others : if your request has not been answered, if you follow a special diet, or if you simply want to ask us something else, please, do get in touch below.


Just in !

Our large selection of salted canapés are now available as part of our catering services.

We also have sweet options, get in touch for more information.