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Offices on-demand
Daysk helps professionals work remote by discovering and booking the best place to work from in real time. We offer a network of curated spaces and a simplified management solution. Users can find and book with a few taps, spaces can manage orders seamlessly via their Dashboard. Billing is automatic, online. 
By 2020, 50% of professionals will work remote. In the United States, 30% of the workforce is already freelance. In Europe, 16% of active people are working outside an office, permanently or more than twice a week.
Working remote means less commute time, less cars on the roads, more time with you family and friends. For companies it’s an opportunity to boost happiness at work and productivity. For local communities, it’s a chance to increase business connexions and sustainable local business centres. By promoting mobility, we want to help people connect and share knowledge while improving their day to day.

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How about you come and try for yourself our 5 courses, 4 wines, 1 cocktail all included tasting/dining experience !